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Plant Nutrition Animations/Videos & FAQs


Overview of Photosynthesis:

Directory of Photosynthesis Web Resources (including latest research):

Chromatography of Leaf Pigments:

Photosynthesis Song (Enjoy!):

Photosynthesis Virtual Lab: 


Q1: Which part of the plant provides an acidic pH for plant pepsin to function optimally?
A1: Lysosomes (acidic compartments containing hydrolases) in plant cells

Q2: Where does fructose in plants (for sucrose synthesis) come from?
A2: Calvin cycle = Light-independent/dark reaction occurring in the stroma of chloroplasts.
Uridine-triphosphate (UTP) + Glucose-1-phosphate (G1P) ---> UDP-glucose + Pyrophosphate (PPi)
UDP-glucose + PPi + Fructose-6-phosphate (F6P) ---> UDP + sucrose-6(F)-phosphate (S6P)
Sucrose-6(F)-phosphate (S6P)  + H2O ---> PPi + Sucrose

In nature, glucose and fructose are not combined in the way that is taught in the biochemistry of carbohydrates. 


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